Praise the sun
I like Good Omens too much.

Anti-truscum, genderspecial, lover of cute pronouns, child of space, beginner witch.
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based on the idea that lars is @ work in a Bad Mood n sadie cheers him up (?) by messaging him about himself—based on the totally canon idea that sadie can entertain herself by laughing quietly at lars

nercomancer asked: draw some snk!!



I’ve been on this website for almost four years and I still don’t know what snk means

people making posts on Asexual’s behalf but completely mixing up Aromantic and Asexual and also generalizing both the groups of people 

i understand you’re trying to help but stop it


christian forums are a wild ride 


Good times.

  • Me: *calls u a nerd*
  • Me: *is actually very deeply in love with u*

taking a selfie at the exact same time i notice a spider on the wall


NGC 3501

NGC 3501 is a spiral galaxy located about 80 million light years away. To us, it appears edge on, a thin disk of light. It is accompanied by NGC 3507, another spiral galaxy, which lies outside the frame of this image.

Unlike NGC 3501, NGC 3507 is oriented face on to us, appearing as a well defined barred spiral galaxy. It does contain a central bar as well, which NGC 3501 lacks. Instead, the arms of NGC 3501 all spiral out from the center of the galaxy.

Image and information from ESA.

i dont want to wear clothes but i also hate when my legs touch

can i give up the ability to feel for a bit please

*googles how to not be touched by anything at all*

and now i feel dizzy

is this because of zoloft or what

god i hate the feeling of clothes and wrinkles AARRGHHH


Compilation of Pearl driving Greg’s van in “Ocean Gem”


catching the sun (by Hänsel & Gretel)


Found a red-belly under the shower two separate days

pretty sure it’s the same snake. First time i found him he was in shed, and the second time he’s all freshly shed and purdy :)